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The Avoch Archive

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1Avoch Harbour - c19251925
2Rosehaugh INS.246 c19531953
3The burn below the bridge.2003
6Rosehaugh Staff1910
7William MacLeman1914
8Annie and Maggie Patience1985
9Crew of Gutters1945
10Hughie Patience and George Reid1938
11Avoch School1975
12Jean Jack1949
13Annie Jack c19501950
14Not David Jack. Can anyone identify 2009
15The Fisher Girls1907
16View of Avoch from Fortrose Harbour2009
17Donald & Jane McLeman1930
18Who is this?2009
19William McLeman?2009
20Alex Jack2009
21New Boat in Avoch Harbour2009
22New Sea Wall with puzzled swan1958
23Annie with her guide dog2009
24Avoch with a dust of snow2009
25Donald McLeman 1903
26Donald McLeman in his pub1930
27Benjamin McLeman's pre WW11914
28Benjamin McLeman's Grave in Lillers2009
30Benjamin McLeman1920
31Margaret and David MacLeman2009
32Margaret & David MacLeman 19422009
33Margaret MacLeman Mid 1940's2009
34Jean & William 1960's2010
35'Avoch' in Yarraville Australia2010
36William, Margaret, David and the Dug Scottie2010
37Jean & William 1960's2010
38Wooden boats on Avoch Beach2010
39Avoch Harbour and the road to Fortrose - c 19251925
40Helen Mason McClymont and family1902
42The Rose1965
43Mclemans at Avoch School1937
44New Picture2010
45Mending at Seahouses1965
46Avoch School, Miss Ross's class approximately 19372010
47Avoch School 19372010
48Avoch children 1938 ish2010
49Avoch School about 1947/481947
50Dock around 18722010
51Cleaning the Church - 1950?1950
52School Group1955
53Avoch School 1947 /19481947
54Zephyr INS 62010
55Zephyr in Shoreham 2010
57Rosehaugh INS 2462010
58Rosehaugh INS 2461952
59The Blossom - INS.2411950
60True Love 1950's2010
61Boats on The Moray2010
62Alister Jack's schoolmates around 19551955
63Yachts off Avoch harbour2010
64Avoch ringnet boats in Gairloch.1950
65Truelove being painted.1950
66Truelove in Whitby.1950
67Donal Jack & wife Betsy, Golden Wedding 19542010
68New Picture1961
69Drying nets1961
70View from the Harbour1920
71Lazy corner sculpture2010
72Dividing the Spoil, Avoch beach.1910
73Rosehaugh Gardners2010
74Children in George Street 19482010
75Summer of 19522010
76Photo taken 1952.2010
77Photo taken 1954/552010
78Tore United 19592010
79Photo 1960/61, Kodak Instamatic slide.2010
80Dividing the Spoil around 19052010
81Photo taken 19622010
83Photo taken 1955/562010
84Avoch Junior Secondary school 1955/532010
85Henrietta cottages.2003
86Avoch old school fire. c1979?1979
87New Picture2010
88New Picture2010
89New Picture2010
90My brother Bill's a fireman bold, he poots oot fires2010
92The pond, Avoch.1930
93Rosehaugh 1950's2010
94The Harbour2010
95The Harbour2010
96Good Catch in the 60's2010
97Truelove 19562010
98Repairing the Brailer 1950's2010
99Bus Shelter2010
100New Picture2010
101New Picture2010
102Ann Duggans family Melbourne WW22010
103Ann Duggans Mother & Grandmother2010
104Low Tide 20102010
105 A wee lick of paint. Avoch 2009.2010
106Old Postcard of Rosehaugh House1906
107New Picture2010
108Avoch Tootball team 1962/631962
109Avoch boat at the Isle of Man1955
110Samon Fishing 19571957
111Chappul Sabbath school peeck-neek2010
112Ann & Donald Patience 1903/042010
113Mary MacIntosh2010
114Mary Reid (Nana) and Jessie MacLeman (Kelvin)1950
115George Street2010
116Henrietta Street2010
118Avoch from the west2009
119Avoch Church, in the big freeze 2009.2009
120Avoch Church in the frost2009
121Avoch Burn in the frost.2009
125Avoch 20082010
126Avoch boat in Portpatrick1955
127True Love INS 1401950
128Party at No.1 George Street - 1965?1959
129The Bridges, Avoch1900
130Three Macleman's - 1960??1960
131Mary McLeman with Mary-Ann & Lewis2010
132New Picture2010
133Avoch map 19072010
134Avoch Girls at the gutting2010
136Speed Record 19522010
137Artemis entering Inverness Harbour2009
138Apollo rounding Chanonry Point2009
139From 'Mount View' 20022010
140New Picture2010
141New Picture2010
142Avoch burn in the spring.2009
145New Picture2010
146David Jack around 19002010
147Annie Jack (nee Cowie) 2010
148Aunts Meg & Kate Jack 19672010
149Donald Jack & pal WW22010
150Neisabella, John and Hugh Jack1932
151Helen Jack1920
152Building the new sea wall1956
153David Jack 19232010
154Mine in the Avondee's nets2010
155Alexander & Jessie Jack2010
156Janet Jack & her sister Flora2010
157Donald Jack 2010
158Margaret and John Noble2010
159Eddie and Jessie Morrison - c19351935
160Avoch from West2010
161Avoch Harbour from the Braehead2010
162Postcard from the south1910
163Old postcard of Avoch (early 1900's)1910
164Avoch High St1908
165Avoch with harbour from SE1927
167From above the football pitch1965
170High Tide1989
171Avoch Harbour 2007 2007
172Print of Avoch Harbour2010
173Avoch. When?2010
175Avoch 1970's2010
176Avoch War Memorial2010
177Avoch High St2010
178View from the south1930
179East end Avoch from the harbour1930
180School Garden1910
181Arthur MacArthur1955
182The Flood 11955
185The Flood1955
186Lying in loch Ned1970
187New Picture2010
188New Picture1970
189New Picture1960
190Arthur MacArthur & John Skinner 1970
191New Picture1960
192New Picture1970
193Zephyr INS 61970
194Rosemarkie Salmon Fishing2006
195Avoch Bridge in need of repair2010
196Avoch Harbour1950
197Football Park and Village Hall Avoch1950
198Annie Patience??1950
199Avoch from the South1950
200Boats getting ready to go the fishing on a Monday1965
201Rosehaugh & Integrity in Avoch1965
202Avoch from the air2011
203Boat Painting 19502011
204Low Tide 19502011
205The Fleet 1960's2011
206Integrity & Rosehaugh 1970's2011
207Multiview postcard of Avoch1935
208West Door of Rosehaugh house1955
209Avoch railway station1930
210Sunset Avoch Harbour2011
211Blossom, the last boat to be built in Avoch1935
212Avoch Sea Wall 19502011
213Silver Gem INS 611973
214Zephyr INS 6 & Aspire INS 1481980
215Any Idea What Boat this is & when2011
2165 Factory Lane2011
217Mackenzie Place1960
218Avoch from the shore1960
219Patience Golded Wedding1966
220Rememberence Parade 1946
221Chapel Sale of Work1958
222Jack Family1910
223Summer 20102010
224Avoch School Photo1900
225Isabella, Lewis & Margaret Patience1935
226Killen School Children on the "Integrity"1968
227New Picture1946
228Guilding Star at Whitehaven1950
229Not Forgotten Association Cruise2008
230Lewis Patience1950
231On board the Boy Jim1950
232Avoch football team1947
233The Pioneer INS 981950
234Zephyr Lying in Budrachro1930
235Alic Reid & Jackie Jack on the Truelove INS 1401950
236Zephyr INS 6 Mallaig1970
237Willliam McIntosh in China during the Boxer rebellion1901
238Fishermans trip in Loch Ness2010
239Fishermans trip 22010
240Fishermans trip 32010
241Fishermans trip2010
242George Patience & John Morison2010
243The Bridge, Avoch1900
247Monadhlaith INS 1401992
248Jimmy and Teenie MacLeman1949
249Jimmy and Teenie MacLeman1965
250Alex (Boltie) and Isabella MacLeman1941
251Sandy the Butcher1980
252Zephry INS 61968
254New Picture2011
256New Picture2011
257Zephyr INS61984
258Monadhliath INS 1401984
259More clams2011
262Jimmy Macleman at Fort William1938
263Eileen MacLeman, Grace & June1940
264Willie MacLeman with wee Davie1940
265True Love INS 1402011
266On board Rosehaugh INS2461960
267Zephyr INS6 Crew1975
268Avoch from the air2011
269New PictureSun set over Avoch2011
270James Ross Macleman (jimmy) and eileen MacLeman circa 1945 1945
271New PictureJames macleman (jimmy) 19531953
272List of names for Image No. 2732011
273School Photo Jimmy MacLeman2011
274Names for image 2752011
275School Photo Date 19251925
276James Ross MacLeman2011
277Fishing Boat at Sea1950
280George & Simon Jack1950
281Jack's Fishing1950
283Simon, Robert & Dodo Jack1986
284Jack Children1959
285Herring Catch1950
286S.L.VIC 322011
287S.L.VIC 322011
288Rosehaugh stable block.2011
289Avoch bridge repairs.2011
290Avoch bridge repairs.2011
291Great War Permit1918
292Avoch Scouts and Cub Pack1965
294Donald Mackenzie1947
295James & Jean Mackenzie1929
296John Jack Patience and his niece Margaret Reid.1956
297Patiences, Jacks and Reids1955
298A bonnie wee lassie inspecting the fleet circa 1955.1955
299Chendry beach 19572012
301John Toorie2012
302Avoch Gala 19622012
303 Just back from ROCKALL2012
304New Picture2012
305Avoch Village School taken approx 19292012
306Early 19702012
307INS 62012
308Inverness firth for sprats date mid 19702012
309Brailing on board the Chrysolite2012
310Monadhliath & Zephyr full in Fraserburgh2012
311New Picture2012
312New Picture2012
313Ave Maria & Zephyr in Mallaig2012
314Zephyr Hauling the sprat trawl 2012
315Monadhliath fishing sprats in Inverness Firth2012
316Gratitude INS 2722012
317Zephyr INS 6 Fishing sprats in Inverness firth2012
318Ave Maria shooting the ring net at stack at Canna2012
319 "AVOCH WOMANS GUILD"..... 1970s.2012
321Avoch School Photo - c19271927
322Sunrise from Ormonde Crescent Avoch2013
323Scout show about 1967-682013
325New Picture2012
326Avoch harbour 20122013
327Avoch harbour 20122013
328Avoch harbour a spring day 20122013
329Karen Sutherland2013
330The Amelia J, the ship John Mcleman went down with2013
331New Picture1918
332Sunrise at Ormond Hill2013
333John & Margaret Patience1910
334Granny Sutherland & Uncle Hugh2013
335New Picture2013
336New Picture2013
337who is this gentleman2013
338New Picture2013
339Busy at the hay.2013
340New Picture2013
341New Picture2013
342Air Training Corps 1940/19422014
343Donald McLeman1940
344David Skinner, unknown, Nunna Skinne2014
345New Picture2014
346New PictureCongregational Church, High St.2014
347Betsy, Ann & Agnes2014
348Betsy, Nunnan & Ann2014
349Avoch Bay from Shore St.2014
350Betsy & Ann2014
351Skinner Family2014
352Rosehaugh Post Card2014
353Avoch Post Card2014
354Betsy McLema (nee Skinner & Family2014
355Donald Skinner1920
356David Skinner2015
357William Skinner1915
358New Picture2014
359The crew of the "VISION" 1984
360The crew of the 1984
361The "VISION" off Rockall, 19841984
362Tom Maclean on Rockall. 19841984
363Tom Maclean on Rockall. 19841984
364Enlargement Tom Maclean on Rockall. 19841984
365Tom Maclean landing on Rockall1984
366New Picture2015
368New Picture1940
369New Picture2016
370New Picture1860
371VIC 322016
372New Picture2016
373Primrose IN2911970
374New Picture2019
375New Picture2019
376Aerial view Avoch July 2019 2020
377Avoch Harbour2020
378Prisoner of war camp image1918
379New Picture2020
380Jane Southerland1905
381New Picture2013
382New Picture2020
383New Picture2005
384David Southerland1914
385Mary Ross Sutherland1910
386Granny Mary Ross Sutherland1914
387The Edinburgh Reid Family1965
388New Picture1965
389Shore Road1951
390David digs for lugworms1948
391Maimie & Andy McCartney 50th Wedding Anniversary.1993
392Avoch Harbour 1963 - 'The Boy David'1963
393Avoch School World War I2021
394New Picture2021
395New Picture2021
396Avoch School 1890s1890
397New Picture2021
398New Picture2021
400New Picture2021
401New Picture2021
402Constant Friend2021
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